What is Planetary Health and how can photographs help explain complex issues?

Rebecca Gaal
Photographer based in Ventura, California
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What is Planetary Health and how can photographs help explain complex issues?

“Planetary Health” is a discipline concerning the health of human civilization and the state of the natural systems upon which it depends. It also involves holistic research where there are intersectoral challenges requiring complex solutions. System changes are frequently vital but can be slow and difficult to design and implement. Some of the easiest places to examine planetary health are in locations where much of modern society has been stripped away.

The Himalayas are known for their iconic views of sweeping mountain scapes and dramatic scenery. Those remote mounatins are also home to thousands of people. Over the past few years America has endured an increase in extreme weather events, a pandemic, firestorms, political upheavals, food shortages, heat shortages and many new experiences across the board. Imagine for a moment living those same experiences without having access to news sources, supermarkets, hospitals, transportation or accessible clean water."

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Rebecca Gaal

Photographer specializing in Planetary Health & Conservation
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