Rebecca Gaal is a humanitarian and conservation photographer, painter, illustrator, writer and student of International Public Health studies. She is devoted to examining healthcare issues, environmental concerns and the relationships between the two. Her work has taken her across the globe where she has been witness to the full spectrum of humanity. Gaals’ passion is long-term, in-depth projects where she can watch the progression or degradation between man, medicine, nature and its inhabitants. Gaals’ work aims to show the interconnectedness of issues, to help create better understanding and find solutions. The hope is that with understanding, empathy and change have a chance to grow.

Residing in Ventura, California, Rebecca studied Environmental Science and Public Health at the University of Oregon, Painting at the Art Institute of San Francisco, Photojournalism at the Los Angeles Center of Photography, was an assistant to Nikon Master Vincent Versace and a workshop assistant at the Palm Springs Photo Festival. Gaal holds Medical Person in Charge and W-EMT certifications and is represented by Zuma press, a contributor at Tandem Stills and Motion, a member of the International Guild of Visual Peacemakers and Visura Guild. 

When not on assignment or teaching photography courses, Rebecca can be found racing outrigger canoes, working in the garden with her golden retrievers, puttering in the garage or drawing while the coffee brews.

Rebecca Gaal

Photographer specializing in Public Health, Conservation and Remote Medicine.
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