Visualizing health: the power of using visuals in public health education

Rebecca Gaal
Photographer based in Ventura, California
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Visualizing health: the power of using visuals in public health education

"Did you know that more people learn about history and the news from TV programs like The Daily Show or Steven Colbert? Why do you think that is? Simple, they’re relatable, entertaining, and the presenter is explaining things for what they are. Images have a similar effect in the sense that you can pick a subject matter that may not be intrinsically interesting and make it appealing to someone. The television show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver hit a milestone in 2020 receiving over a million viewers even though it aired at 11PM. Unlike many news stations that sensationalize or only touch briefly on topics, the host John Oliver does deep dives into a subject area, presenting insights with sarcasm and comedy that helps viewers understand why things happen. Visual stories can also employ the use comedy or satire to go deep into a subject matter and make you feel something. The power of images is that they’re universal. Regardless of language, when you look at a photograph, a human is a human, an animal an animal, and things like expressions and gestures are understood all the same."

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Rebecca Gaal

Photographer specializing in Planetary Health & Conservation
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